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Qiqihar Teachers College Held Production and Teaching Integration Signing Ceremony with 11 Units


?On the afternoon of July 12th, Qiqihar Teachers College held a signing ceremony for production and education integration-based school-enterprise cooperation and talent training base construction. 11 enterprises and units, including Qiqihar Art Troupe, Qiqihar News Media Center, Heilongjiang Liaojinyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd., Qiqihar Entrepreneurship Service Guidance Center, Yinshengye Financial Service Outsourcing Co., Ltd., Qiqihar Retired Military Affairs Administration, Qiqihar Disabled People Labor and Employment Management Station, Heilongjiang Zhalong State-Level Nature Reserve Administration, Heilongjiang International Ice and Snow Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangxin Island National Wetland Park Co., Ltd., and Fuyu County Longteng Ecological Hot Spring Resort Manor Co., Ltd., signed for cooperation with Qiqihar Teachers College to jointly start a new chapter characterized by production and teaching integration, school-enterprise cooperation, collaborative education and revitalization.
Deputy Mayor Yao Qing Present at the Signing Ceremony.
At the ceremony, Qiqihar Teachers College signed school-enterprise cooperative school running agreements with 8 enterprises and institutions, involving the specialties of ceramics design and technology, sports training, tourism management, accounting and marketing, broadcasting and hosting and signed training base agreements with 3 agencies.
Deputy Mayor Yao Qing said in his speech that Qiqihar Teachers College was a local university with a profound cultural heritage and rich school running experience. Since its establishment, Qiqihar Teachers College has trained a large number of outstanding talents with teaching and professional skills for society, making positive contributions to economic and social development. Up to now, Qiqihar Teachers College has subsequently set up more than 20 professional and technical specialties that are closely linked with the local industry development, taking solid steps towards providing talent and intellectual support for local economic development.
After the ceremony, the participants watched the literary performances given by the teachers and students of Qiqihar Teachers College and such wonderful programs like the dance with song "Blessing the Motherland", double piano playing "I Love You China", poetry reading "Qiqihar Teachers College's Affection towards China Dream", the dance "Transformation" and small chorus to express most Qiqihar Teachers College's teachers and students' love and blessings for the motherland.
After the signing ceremony, the leaders and guests present at the ceremony visited the school's ceramic training room to learn about Heilongjiang's first ceramic art specialty serving the local economic development.

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